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The four swimmers today enjoyed a lovely day as the easterly winds dropped.We spent two hours in a secluded bay on the west coast of Lundy far from people and civilisation with only the birds and seals for company. The seals were great and swam freely around the swimmers. The visibility under the water was about 10 metres. On our trip around the island with 10 residents we counted about 30 Puffins and many other sea birds.



Friday 5th saw us take a small group of passengers to Lundy, two of whom had a swim with the seals which they enjoyed. Saturday and Sunday we took 6 divers from The Big Squid with John Forbath from Clapham. A brilliant weekend with glorious weather and really good vis up to 15 metres. The seals were very interactive on Saturday but not so interested on Sunday. We dived The Robert, The Carmine Filomena and The Knoll Pins. Due to the good vis all dives were great. A lovely group of divers and an excellent weekend.


We have places available this week on Friday 5th July. To book please telephone for details on 01237 431405. Puffins are still nesting on the island but numbers gradually decrease from the middle of July.

The Perfect Day!


Our trip to Lundy on 26th June was in near perfect conditions with 9 passengers, one of whom swam for nearly an hour at Lundy surrounded by playful seals, she loved it! On two trips around the island we counted nearly 100 Puffins. A large pod of about 80 Dolphins followed the boat and played in the bow and stern waves for ten minutes on our way across to Lundy. We had our usual Mackerel for lunch!

Trips to Lundy

A better spell of weather is forecast for the week ahead. At present we have one space on Weds 26th June for a trip to Lundy and swimming with the seals (optional). We are available for charter any other day this week. Also we are not booked for the Splash photographic competition on Lundy for Divers and snorkellers next Sat/Sun 29th/30th June. I can offer this weekend for 10% discount off our normal prices. Please ring on 01237 431405 to book.


The Jessica Hettie picked up a small film crew from the Lundy jetty to find and film the seals that inhabit the coast around Lundy. Very soon we found a group of seals in the water and the snorkelling cameramen jumped in and filming commenced only a few metres from the shore on the East coast. They emerged nearly an hour later and seemed happy with their results, don’t miss tonight’s programme.


The weather has been glorious but strong Easterly winds have made trips to Lundy impossible for several days. However Wednesday was a lovely day but the Easterly wind dispersed the seals and a big swell on the west coast meant we only saw four seals all day. We took ten people round the island and marveled at the number of nesting birds on the cliffs and the rafts of Guillemots and Razorbills. We saw fifteen Puffins on a small area near Jenny’s Cove.


Sadly both these trips had to be cancelled. The weather was warm and dry but the winds at Lundy were Easterly 6 and made it impossible to land anyone on the island from The Jessica Hettie.
Sunday 9th the wind eased and we escorted a lone rower in his skiff to Lundy and back, a brave effort taking just over 4 hours each way!



Puffins are now nesting on Lundy and can be seen from either the boat or from the island in the Jenny’s Cove area. They depart along with the Razorbills and Guillemots by the middle of July. For available sailing dates please phone.