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The four swimmers today enjoyed a lovely day as the easterly winds dropped.We spent two hours in a secluded bay on the west coast of Lundy far from people and civilisation with only the birds and seals for company. The seals were great and swam freely around the swimmers. The visibility under the water was about 10 metres. On our trip around the island with 10 residents we counted about 30 Puffins and many other sea birds.



Friday 5th saw us take a small group of passengers to Lundy, two of whom had a swim with the seals which they enjoyed. Saturday and Sunday we took 6 divers from The Big Squid with John Forbath from Clapham. A brilliant weekend with glorious weather and really good vis up to 15 metres. The seals were very interactive on Saturday but not so interested on Sunday. We dived The Robert, The Carmine Filomena and The Knoll Pins. Due to the good vis all dives were great. A lovely group of divers and an excellent weekend.

New Gallery Online

We’ve just published a new gallery of some of Nick Blakes wonderful images taken on previous visits out to Lundy on the Jessica Hettie.
They really give a flavour of what you might see on a trip.

Jessica Hettie Nick Blake 9

3 Dives A Day

You can dive up to 3 times a day with Clovelly Charters

You can dive up to 3 times a day with Clovelly Charters

As the dive season progresses we thought you might be interested to know that Clovelly Charters aim to provide for 3 dives a day if weather & conditions will allow us to do so.
Find out more about dive trips on the ‘Prices’ page.